Visit The Maritime Aquarium

Since 1988, The Maritime Aquarium has welcomed visitors of all ages into its exciting underwater world.

With an average annual attendance of 500,000 people, the aquarium is one of the largest attractions in Connecticut.

Just outside the aquarium's doors is the Long Island Sound, which is why it focuses solely on this body of water known as the "Estuary of National Significance." It's home to a variety of marine life including lobsters, sea turtles, and crabs.

There is much to see including:

Newman's Own Hall and Harbor Seals - Harbor seals are the most common seal species in New England, and they swim in the Long Island Sound during the winter months. This indoor/outdoor exhibit is where visitors can watch these charming animals play in the water, as well as ask the staff questions during the daily shows.

Rivers to the Sound - Explore a river-woodlands habitat that features salmon, sturgeon, and two adorable river otters named Lew and Levi who enjoy splashing in a waterfall. This gallery also includes displays on the Long Island Sound watershed that reaches all the way to Canada.

Sea Turtles - Found in the Long Island Sound during the summer months, sea turtles are known for their interesting migration. This exhibit contains a ten thousand gallon aquarium that's home to a loggerhead turtle and two green sea turtles, in addition to interesting displays that tell about all of the endangered sea turtle species.

Jellyfish Encounter - Believe it or not, jellyfish have lived on Earth for 650 million years. They have no brain, heart, lungs, or gills, and during this encounter, visitors learn more fascinating facts as well as see colorful coral reef tanks.

This aquarium is an easy drive from Shelton and The Mark apartment community. If you would like to see our amenities firsthand, please contact us to schedule a tour.

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