Have Fun at the Shelton Community Center

What was once Huntington Elementary School is now the Shelton Community Center.

Located just six minutes from The Mark Apartments, it's known as a hub for social activity and community engagement.

It offers plenty to do throughout the year for all ages, and adult exercise programs include:

Zumba - Zumba is a fun way to exercise as it takes the "work" out of workout. Enjoyed by millions of people around the world, it combines low and high intensity moves for a calorie-burning dance fitness party. The center's instructor has taught Zumba for five years, and believes that getting healthy and fit should make students feel good about themselves.

Tai Chi - Tai Chi is a gentle Chinese martial art practiced for health benefits. It uses a series of continuous movements to improve circulation and flexibility, and other benefits include better sleep quality, decreased stress, and improved aerobic capacity.

Pilates - Held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, pilates is a low impact workout designed to lengthen and strengthen the body using back and abdominal muscles. Students focus on proper breathing, good posture, and deep concentration, and benefits include an increase in balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Gentle Yoga - Art Rodia has more than thirty years of teaching experience, and will lead students through poses meant to increase flexibility and lubricate joints.

Move It or Lose It Cardio Dance - Taught by a certified personal fitness instructor, this class includes fun dance moves, light weights, and small workout balls.

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