Visit H'Cue BBQ For Lunch

Do you crave spicy ribs or tender brisket? There's a new BBQ joint in town and it's the perfect place to satisfy all of your cravings. H 'Cue BBQ is about 10 minutes from The Mark Apartments in nearby Derby, CT. This casual eatery has only been open since early 2017, but it's quickly gaining fans.

H 'Cue BBQ smokes all of their meat using post-oak and pecan wood. They use their own proprietary seasonings and sauces to give their meats unique flavor. If you're feeling like a sandwich, try the pulled pork. It's a true classic topped with coleslaw and a sweet sauce. For larger appetites, go with the tri tip or the turkey breast, and don't forget to order some sides! The pulled pork deviled eggs are a truly unique creation, and they also have some scrumptious jalapeno corn bread and Brussel sprout salad.

H 'Cue has a very casual, Texas-inspired ambiance with real wood floors and brick embellishments. There's a large dining room where you'll feel comfortable dining with a big group of friends -- no need to be quiet and proper here! The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner every day of the week. They don't take reservations and can get a little busy on the weekends, so you may want to visit on a weeknight if you're opposed to waiting for a table.

Visit H 'Cue at 148 Elizabeth St. in Derby, CT. This is just one of many great places to dine in the area. Contact us to learn more about our community.

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