Places To Visit In Shelton, CT

Family time is important, but going out to lunch and a movie can get costly. Luckily, the area around The Mark offers numerous thrilling and inexpensive family friendly activities.

Jones Family Farm - This family ran 400 acre farm offers numerous activities, from picking berries to award-winning wine tasting. Dating back to the 19th century, Jones farm has prided themselves not only in their numerous trees and berries, but the elegance and beauty that their land holds. Jones farm offers several family friendly activities, including a cooking class that teaches old family recipes and a fall program for all age groups that teaches the inner workings of running a farm.

Indian Well State Park - Offering a beautiful waterfall and a shaded picnic area, this park is perfect for a fun day in the sun. Established as a State Park in 1928, the Indian Well Park is a relaxing spot to sit and watch the boats on the Housatonic River, spend a day fishing, or to go for a hike to the state famous waterfall.

Wells Hollow Creamery - Offering flavors such as brownie batter, backwoods blueberry, and Tennessee Toffee, Wells Hollow Creamery has certainly earned its reputation as one of the most delicious creamers in town. Their spacious patio has enough seating for your family, friends, and guests. Word has it, that the creamery is so good, even the local animals stop by for a visit.

Beardsley's Cider Mill - Since 1973 Beardsley's Cider Mill has been entertaining families with their 96-year-old apple trees, lemonade stand, and their apple bakery. They offer pick-your-own peaches, apples, plums, and nectarines.

If you'd like to see more of what Shelton has to offer, contact us for more information.

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