Sample Artisan Cheese In Shelton

Can you tell the difference between a Riesling and a Chardonnay? What about a Camembert from a Chevre? If not, don’t nervously shake your stem charms and cheese knives. There’s a place you can go to learn more about wines and cheeses. It’s located right here in Shelton, CT, minutes away from the Mark apartments.

Treat Yourself Thursdays

Just minutes from The Mark Apartments, The Jones Family Farms is a mainstay of Fairfield County’s culinary scene. And happily, they host affordable, chef driven classes that even casual wine drinkers may enjoy. Held one Thursday a month, the evening classes generally run for two hours and include samples of whatever is being discussed.

Enjoy Cheesy Conversation

In November, it just happens to be cheeses and how best to serve them over the upcoming holidays. Unlike other cheese classes offered in Shelton, this one is unique because of the farm’s history. The family collectively has close to two century’s worth of dairy farm experience and what do you need in order to make gourmet cheese? That’s right, fresh milk.

Tell Bessie to Move Over

Of course not all artesian cheeses start with cow’s milk just like all wines aren’t made with white grapes. Some are made from water buffalo, goat and sheep byproducts instead. And most cheese makers stick with homogenized, pasteurized or raw milks. However, there are those who like to use a combination of the above. Each has a distinct taste and therefore, may not be appropriate for all types of wines.

Let the Flavors of Fall Fly!

Speaking of wine types, Jones Family Farms’ offerings touch upon many of Shelton, Connecticut residents’ favorites. So if you choose to join in on the November class, expect to see quite an assortment of both wines and cheeses. Whites tend to be the most popular ones to pair with cheeses but you never know. The instructor may sneak in a flight that includes a red, rose or dessert wine too.

To learn more about what the Shelton area has to offer, please contact The Mark Apartments.

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