Visit The Discovery Museum and Planetarium

There are several museums near Shelton, Connecticut, including the Discovery Museum and Planetarium. Located a short drive from The Mark Apartments, it's where visitors of all ages can learn and explore. There is much to see and do including:

Henry B. Dupont III Planetarium

The night sky is full of wonders and you can discover them all at the planetarium. Depending on the day, shows may include From Earth to the Universe, Back to the Moon for Good, and The Skies Tonight.


Located in the center gallery, Everbright is fun for everyone. It was inspired by the Lite-Brite toy and visitors can create a variety of designs as the possibilities are endless.

Challenger Learning Center

This is the only such learning center in Connecticut, and children cay enjoy simulated space missions. To be successful, they must work together to solve any problems that arise.


Science on a Sphere - This incredible exhibit is where you can explore Earth and all that the solar system has to offer. You can also touch a meteorite that fell to Earth 50,000 years ago, see artifacts from the Skylab missions and step into a replica of the space suit worn by Apollo astronauts.

Nano - The Nano exhibit allows visitors to discover the basics of nanoscience and try interactive activities that relate to engineering, nanoscience, and technology.

Dare to Discover - This is one of the museum's newest exhibits and exciting hands-on activities include designing structures to see how they're impacted by earthquake vibrations and investigating different objects to see why they roll at various speeds and acceleration.

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