Get Creative at A Brush Stroke Paint Party

If you're looking for something unique to do and you haven't tuned into the paint party craze yet, you have no idea what you're missing. Not only is painting a great stress reliever, it's so much fun when you enjoy it with friends. If you plan a paint-and-sip night, expect loads of laughs to follow. Brush Stroke Paint Party's newest location in Shelton is staffed by talented artists that will help you bring out your inner Van Gogh. This location is also conveniently located only minutes away from The Mark apartment community.

How does it work? Brush Stroke's studio is set up like a classroom. They supply canvas, paint, brushes, aprons, everything you need to create your masterpiece. You can also paint on a wine glass if you’d like to steer away from the traditional canvas. You select a picture or design that you'd like to paint. Some of their choices are "Night Owl", "Pick Your Paradise", and "Sea Shore". You can check out a few examples on their Facebook page.

The artists take you through the painting process step by step, while also helping you pick the appropriate colors and brushes. And they're not amateurs. Most of them have studied art at the university level and love using their talents to teach others. They want everyone to do their best in painting, but most of all to have a great time. Feel free to bring food and beverages. The studio will provide the wine glasses and ice.

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