Rock and Roll in Shelton

Are you in the mood for live music? If you haven't been to a show held by the Fairfield Theatre Company (FTC), now's the time to check it out. They originally started with putting on plays at Fairfield University as their main focus and have since grown to add concerts, films, art shows, children's workshops and more. Two of their venues for the concerts are located just 20 minutes away from The Mark Apartments. Here are some of their upcoming shows.

The Paper Kites, July 27th 7:45PM on StageOne

This versatile group formed in Australia in 2010 and has quickly gained adoring fans all over Europe and North America. The quintet brings you diverse sounds with their male and female vocal duo, guitar, keyboard, banjo, drums, and more. Also taking the stage that night will be the band, Larkin Poe. They specialize in soul and folk rock. Tickets are $25.00 each.

Rich Robinson, August 2nd 7:45PM on StageOne

This eclectic guitarist has been playing since 1984 when Robinson formed a rock and roll band with his older brother. They eventually became known as The Black Crowes and played internationally for over 20 years, even performing with Aerosmith and ZZ Top. He recently decided to launch a solo career, with the goal to "create without restraint, explore without fear, discover and nurture considerable talents as a songwriter, guitarist and lead vocalist". Tickets are currently priced as $38.00 each.

You can check out their full calendar of events and get ticket information and directions here.

If you're interested in living near attractions such as these, be sure to contact us to schedule a tour at The Mark.

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